Tantra (a poem by B. Dean)

if you straighten the heart
the mind dissapears

Mind over Heart (a poem by B. Dean)

Mind over Heart
the mind is a blockage in the heart
a mis-mirrored projection
of conflicting light waves&
an accidental habit
caught bargaining with itself
over something that doesn't exist

Zen (a poem by B. Dean)

one witness
is as good as any

Dark Places (a poem by B. Dean)

Dark Places
women, the keeper
of dark places

places where
things can grow
and life begins

mother earth

Out of Body (a poem by B. Dean)

Out of Body
I'm the unintrusive space
in which you do all you do

Zero Eight (a poem by B. Dean)

Zero Eight
why be defensive?
there's nothing to defend
and nobody to defend it
(when last it was checked
by the attempt
to be other than)

Ask Yourself (a poem by B. Dean)

Ask Yourself
which is more compelling
a feeling or a thought?